Books, Cooking


There is nothing I love more than a good cookbook. I have quite the collection, and I’m not slowing down anytime soon. I’ve been scouring Pinterest lately for better ways to display my beloved books. Aside from probably building a book shelf, the best way I have is to rotate them in and out based on my mood or the season. I have little stacks here and there and they all make me so happy. Here are a few in heavy rotation right now:

  1. Instant Loss
    If you love your instant pot like I do, this cookbook is a must have. Every recipe I have cooked out of this book has been amazing. It’s a bonus that all of the recipes are healthy, because they are delicious. A lot of them are gluten free and/or dairy free, but also easily substitutable. One of my very favorites isn’t even an instant pot recipe, its for cranberry scones made with almond flour – so good!

  2. I Heart Naptime Cookbook
    I’ve had this one a while, but it’s one of my favorite and most used cookbooks of all time. There are some really great freezer tips in here, too. The baked ziti recipe is my go-to for new moms or anytime I need to feed a crowd. It’s easily put together ahead of time and you just pop it in the oven for 25 minutes or so. LOVE it.
  3. The Southern Living Party Cookbook
    I would list this book on looks alone. It stays on the counter for decor because it is SO pretty, but it is also super useful if you are in need of pot luck idea or a tailgate app.


Happy Cooking!