5 Things this Friday…


1. Although we have recently* watched all of them, the husband and I are patiently awaiting the next season of The Handmaid’s Tale. *Recently, I say, because we were a little late to the station for that band wagon and have been in a bit of a binge. That being said – living in the south, people tend to tell you “have a blessed day”. You know, like the check out person at the grocery store, your dry cleaner. I can not confirm nor deny that I responded with “may the Lord open”…


2. I am reading “When Life Gives You Lululemons” and it is SO good so far. If you want an easy, good, funny read – go pick this up today! (It’s a follow up book to the Devil Wears Prada)



3. I FINALLY found some of this coveted soap and cleaner from Target that smells like an Anthro Volcano candle and I’m here to tell you – THE STORIES ARE TRUE. The dish soap is $0.79 and the multipurpose cleaner is $1.59. WHAT THE WHAT! (I was so excited, audible gasp and maybe cleared the shelf…)



4. I’ve found the holy grail of hair ties. THESE are the best for a tight hold, perky pony, and even holds onto my daughters baby fine hair. You can’t beat the price. Give these a try!



5. I’m ready for spring…
(photo credit, me)