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Raise your hand if you’re happy spring is finally almost kind of here. I know I am. This weekend, on the days it didn’t rain, we went to the lake for the first time this season. The water was a chilly 60˚, but the temperature was almost 80˚ which is a big win in my book. We did a little bit of fishing (not catching unfortunately) and broke out the new paddle board. I am SO in love with it. I have been wanting one for quite some time, but it never seemed like it would work out for us because of the size. In comes the inflatable paddle board. I was a little apprehensive about getting an inflatable one, thinking it would be light/flimsy/not sturdy. But they are remarkably rigid, easy to inflate and deflate and a blast to use. The one I settled on holds up to 400 lbs, so I can take out the dog or kiddo with me. We are going to be taking it on vacation this summer and I am so excited. You can pop a cooler on it to sit on and fish, layout, or just explore. So paddle boarding is definitely what I am and will be DOING here lately.



I am really enjoying READING “Afraid of all the things” by Scarlet Hiltibidal. It’s like this book was written by me, for me, about me. It is about all the things we can be scared of and how to use the gospel to squash those fears. It’s been a very enlightening read for me. If you were to look at my Goodreads account, you would see that I will by any book about anxiety – but this one is so far my favorite. I will be re-reading this again in the future.



I am LOVING diving into bible journaling. It something I have wanted to do but have never known how or where to start. In high school art classes and even while earning my art degree in college, my teachers and professors would always tell me I was too reluctant or timid with my artwork. I am one of those people that get a blank page and panic about how or where to start. I have a zillion journals and I NEVER write on the first page. But I finally just took the plunge and now it has become a daily thing for me. I just use a passage that has stood out to me that I hear during service or see on Pinterest. If you’ve ever wanted to – just start. Starting is the hardest part of anything for me.



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There is nothing I love more than a good cookbook. I have quite the collection, and I’m not slowing down anytime soon. I’ve been scouring Pinterest lately for better ways to display my beloved books. Aside from probably building a book shelf, the best way I have is to rotate them in and out based on my mood or the season. I have little stacks here and there and they all make me so happy. Here are a few in heavy rotation right now:

  1. Instant Loss
    If you love your instant pot like I do, this cookbook is a must have. Every recipe I have cooked out of this book has been amazing. It’s a bonus that all of the recipes are healthy, because they are delicious. A lot of them are gluten free and/or dairy free, but also easily substitutable. One of my very favorites isn’t even an instant pot recipe, its for cranberry scones made with almond flour – so good!

  2. I Heart Naptime Cookbook
    I’ve had this one a while, but it’s one of my favorite and most used cookbooks of all time. There are some really great freezer tips in here, too. The baked ziti recipe is my go-to for new moms or anytime I need to feed a crowd. It’s easily put together ahead of time and you just pop it in the oven for 25 minutes or so. LOVE it.
  3. The Southern Living Party Cookbook
    I would list this book on looks alone. It stays on the counter for decor because it is SO pretty, but it is also super useful if you are in need of pot luck idea or a tailgate app.


Happy Cooking!


Books, books, books.

I LOVE to read. I love to buy books, collect books, I love ebooks… I get more excited about what books I am going to take on a trip or vacation than I do anything. My dream would be to have a little independent bookstore on a little city square. Every time we travel somewhere, I have to stop in any little bookstore I see. I just can’t help myself. I set a goal for myself this year of a certain number of books to read, and I surpassed that at the beginning of October. I’m a big fan of GoodReads. They have a website and an app that helps you keep up with what and when you read, and also keeps a list of books that you intend to read later. I was happy to see they offered a widget that I could ad to the side bar of this site to share the last few books that I read, along with my personal rating. I’ve read some pretty goods ones lately. Here are a few of my favorites:


Gift from the Sea

Gift from the Sea by Anne Lindbergh. It is a beautifully written little book of advice and reflection from a trip she took by herself to the Gulf coast of Florida. Each chapter starts with a shell she has collected on her trip that she ties into life and experiences. It was first published in 1955, but it amazes me to see how things really haven’t changed that much when it comes to life and family.


Dinner with Edward

Dinner with Edward by Isabel Vincent. I just finished this book last night and I am already having withdrawals. I will definitely keep this one in my collection to read again another time. Beautifully written and so descriptive that I felt like I was at the dinners as well.


New Culitvate Cover _

Cultivate by Lara Casey. This book was hard to put down. Very easy to read and made some really good points about living an intentional life in a world where so much is going on and you can be pulled in so many different directions. It also made me want to go outside and garden… like right now..


An now I am on to “Of Mess and Moxie” by Jen Hatmaker. If you have never read one of her books, they are fantastic. She is the most real and transparent author to come along in a long while. Her books are fun, light hearted and easy to love.

Of Mess and Moxie

Check out my side bar for my latest reads. I’m always open to new book suggestions!