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There is nothing I love more than a good cookbook. I have quite the collection, and I’m not slowing down anytime soon. I’ve been scouring Pinterest lately for better ways to display my beloved books. Aside from probably building a book shelf, the best way I have is to rotate them in and out based on my mood or the season. I have little stacks here and there and they all make me so happy. Here are a few in heavy rotation right now:

  1. Instant Loss
    If you love your instant pot like I do, this cookbook is a must have. Every recipe I have cooked out of this book has been amazing. It’s a bonus that all of the recipes are healthy, because they are delicious. A lot of them are gluten free and/or dairy free, but also easily substitutable. One of my very favorites isn’t even an instant pot recipe, its for cranberry scones made with almond flour – so good!

  2. I Heart Naptime Cookbook
    I’ve had this one a while, but it’s one of my favorite and most used cookbooks of all time. There are some really great freezer tips in here, too. The baked ziti recipe is my go-to for new moms or anytime I need to feed a crowd. It’s easily put together ahead of time and you just pop it in the oven for 25 minutes or so. LOVE it.
  3. The Southern Living Party Cookbook
    I would list this book on looks alone. It stays on the counter for decor because it is SO pretty, but it is also super useful if you are in need of pot luck idea or a tailgate app.


Happy Cooking!


Snacks on snacks

I live my life in a continual state of hunger. I really don’t understand people that forget to eat. How in the world did you FORGET to eat lunch/breakfast/etc?? All I do all day is think about the next thing I’m going to eat and patiently wait for that time to come. For instance, I just had a snack and I can’t wait until 11am when I feel like it is socially expectable to have lunch. I’m going to tear up some left over spaghetti and meat sauce. I may even throw in a side salad, welcome to the Olive Garden.

I really try to stay healthy(ish) when it comes to snacking. Popcorn, hummus, apples, grapes, toast and jam… My latest love is my quick fake-out deviled eggs. They are SO good and they take away my ravaging hunger for a while. I take a hard boiled egg and cut it in half. Smear on just a tiny bit of Olive oil mayonnaise (because I guess the olive oil kind is better for you?) then I sprinkle on a little bit of my favorite – Trader Joe’s Everything but the Bagel Seasoning. That stuff is what dreams are made of. I always keep boiled eggs on hand, they are a family favorite. We even peel them and bring them in the cooler on road trips. Protein on the go!


3 Minute Instant Pot Salmon

It’s official, I’m in love… with my Instant Pot. I know it’s a new love and i should check back in after six months to a year, but so far I.Am.Smitten. I’ve read the two books I bought for my Instant Pot cover to cover, and I really think I can cook just about anything in this crazy device. Tonight, I cooked a family favorite, salmon. We love salmon and try to eat it every week if I’m able to find a good cut. (Tip: always smell your fish. It should NOT smell fishy. If it does, it will taste fishy). So for this recipe, I cooked the fish along with some broccoli. I will admit, the broccoli was a little soft for me, but not terrible.

3 Minute Instant Pot Salmon on

I used the little tray that came with my Instant Pot to put the salmon on, seasoned it with an all purpose seasoning (it would be perfect even with just salt and pepper), and set it a top 1 cup of water.

3 Minute Instant Pot Salmon on

Then I used my steamer basket and set it right on top of the salmon and filled it with my broccoli.

3 Minute Instant Pot Salmon on

I didn’t season the broccoli, I waiting and dumped the cooked broccoli into a bowl and seasoned with Trader Joe’s Onion Salt and some grated Parmesan cheese.

3 Minute Instant Pot Salmon on

Set the pot to Pressure cook, medium and I did mine for 3 minutes. The salmon was maybe the best I have ever made. It seriously came out so perfect. I was both pleased and surprised.

3 Minute Instant Pot Salmon on


I’m excited to experiment more with salmon and different meats in the pot and also figuring out cooking times with more one pot dishes, but this was a definite success!


Instant Pot – here goes nothing


Soo… I broke down and bought an Instant Pot. I know that I am a little late to the game, I actually bought it for myself after Christmas since the new ones have gone on sale. I am both scared and excited to use it. I REALLY hope I don’t blow my face off trying to make some beef stew.

I’ve been scouring Pinterest for any and every Instant Pot recipe that I can find. I even added a new board to my already overloaded account JUST for Instant Pot recipes. I also ran out to the bookstore and bought these two books. They are both really good. If I had to pick one, it would be “How to Instant Pot”. Very informative and shows you how to translate your crockpot meals to pressure cooker meals thereby cutting the time in a third! Yay!

Instant Pot - here goes nothing on

I haven’t yet cooked anything in it, but I wanted to share a few links to some recipes that I am particularly stoked to get started on.

  1. Beef Stew (always a favorite)
  2. French Dip (this looks insane.)
  3. Chicken Taco bowls (I love anything with the word “bowl” in it)
  4. 10 Minute Baked Potato Soup (did someone say 10 minutes?)
  5. Brisket Sliders (shut the front door)
  6. Mac and Cheese (for the kids, right?)
  7. Beef Gyros (I’m so hungry right now)