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Easter Brunch Recipe Roundup

Who doesn’t love brunch!!! Well, I actually read an article that Pat (from Southern Charm on Bravo) thinks that it’s tacky. Maybe it’s the word “brunch”. Perhaps we should call it “heavy late breakfast with cocktails”? I’m dreaming of  an easter brunch where the weather is perfect, the insane hordes of wasps are gone (seriously, what is up with the crazy number of wasps this spring?), and the champagne is cold! I’ve decided to get to planning a little early this year and have rounded up a few recipes that I have my eye on for Easter. I like to have both sweet and savory so there’s something for everyone to enjoy since not all six year olds love a quiche lorraine…


Hash brown casserole from

I have made this a few times before using this exact recipe from the site. It is so legit. I will say, keep to the recipe on this one. I believe the colby cheese really makes it. Not that it wouldn’t be delicious with cheddar or any other cheese of choice, but if your looking for authentic CB casserole – stick to the colby.


Apple Cinnamon roll bubble up c/o

This looks so amazing and how can you possibly go wrong with a recipe that has 2 ingredients?!


Any lastly, one of my own recipes – Quick and Easy Bacon Eggs Benedict
2015-09-12 07.58.37


Here’s what you do:

1) Microwave the bacon on a plate between 2 sheets of paper towel. I used turkey bacon and have found it will cook in about 2 – 4 minutes depending on how many slices.

2) Toast your English Muffin slices in the toaster.

3) For hollandaise sauce for 2 people, add 1 egg yolk to the blender along with a half tablespoon lemon juice and a half tablespoon warm water. Blend until frothy. Melt 1/4 cup (half a stick) of butter in a mug in the microwave. Slowly pour butter into yolk mixture with the blender on low. Then crank it up till its thick.

4) For a BIG time saver, cook your eggs in a non stick skillet over easy. (That’s where you flip the egg without breaking the yolk). Be careful not to over cook if you want the runny yolk!

5) Place an egg on one half of an English Muffin, top with slices of bacon and drizzle with hollandaise sauce. Optional: top with fresh cracked pepper, chopped green onions or chopped fresh parsley.

Brunch on Peeps!


Christmas Vacation Recap + 3 Favorite Gifts I Recieved

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… if your family isn’t sick the whole entire time! Luckily, I’m the last one still slightly under the weather but we didn’t let a little virus slow down our fun old fashioned family Christmas – oh no!

I didn’t manage to get any photos of my Christmas kitchen (now that my cabinets are finally painted), probably because it was a perpetual mess from all the cooking, baking and hosting. I’m ready for a long break from the hustle and bustle.

Woke up to a beautiful frozen sunrise one morning. I swear this photo doesn’t even do it justice. The sun is actually rising behind me. It made the most beautiful colors on the frozen trees out back. It reminded me to take a deep breath and enjoy the season. It came and left so quickly, time is such a thief.

So, Christmas is about the birth of our savior and about giving, which I definitely love more that receiving BUT, I did get some pretty neat gifts this year:

The Apple HomePod

LOVE this bad boy. I’m a real music lover and sound quality is at the top of my list. I have a wireless Bose speaker that I really like, but I was intrigued with the Home Pods ability to play whatever you want to hear (with an Apple Music plan) by just saying “hey Siri”. You can also ask what the weather is, how to spell words, how long your drive will be, etc. In love is an understatement.

Infamous Weighted Blanket

I have wanted one of these since I first heard about them. I told the hubs I wanted one for Christmas like this summer. It was my one thing I had to have. I am so glad I got one! It is so heavy and it really does help me sleep. You would think you would sweat to death under one of these, but you don’t get hot at all with the one I got (above). Let me tell you, 15 lbs feels heavier than you would think!

Quip toothbrush

Ok, this is a little bit of a cheat. I bought my husband one and bought one for myself at the same time, wrapped them both up and stuck them under the tree. These little brushes are so great. They are perfect for travel and the heads are only $5 to refill. The case will stick to your mirror like a brush holder and it is also the carrying case. I got the bronze one shown above.

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! Cheers to the new year!


Thanksgiving Menu

I love when all my home magazines show up in October with Thanksgiving recipes and table settings. I totally live for the holidays, and I LOVE to cook and entertain (especially now that we updated our kitchen!). This year, I have the privilege of hosting the holiday for my side of the family. We are cooking a turkey all by ourselves and I am totally freaking out. Well, technically we are smoking a turkey and technically it’s only a turkey breast and not the whole bird – but still… Also, my parents are bringing a backup. They have a rotisserie grill and are going to do a bird and bring it over so we can have 2 options and (hopefully) TONS of leftovers!

I got a lot of my menu ideas from this season’s Southern Living. I love how fancy the recipes look, but they’re really pretty easy to do. Also, I am stoked that my Green bean casserole is all fresh – no can. (Except I am using those crunchy onions from the container. Those things are life).


I’m hungry already! Happy Thanksgiving week!

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Grey winter days

I am so ready for spring now that the holidays are over. Taking down all the decorations really make me sad. All the colorful lights and the fresh smelling tree with all it’s brilliant decorations. Sigh. Especially here in the south, it is so gloomy in the winter time. It will be super cold and not snow, or it will warm up and rain. (go home mother nature, your drunk). Instead of pining for warmer (see also sunny) weather, I’m focusing my attention on the next decorate-able holiday, Valentines!

Grey winter days on

I actually do not have that many Valentine decorations, but I am going to try and remedy that this year. I’ve been browsing Pinterest and looking through magazines. There’s no rule that says I am not allowed to over do it for all the holidays. Currently, I am making poms. Not sure yet what I am going to do, but when I do know – I will have a crap ton of poms waiting in the wings.

Happy Friday Eve!


Holiday recap

Wow. The holidays came and went in the blink of an eye! We managed to cram in tons of festive fun this year. I always seem to wish that we had done more, but there is definitely a fine line between stressful cramming and enjoying the holidays.

Holiday recap on

One family tradition we always make time for is to go walk around and look at the lights at Opryland hotel in Nashville. I have been going since I was a little girl and it’s something special to pass along to my daughter.

JPEG image-797E1EA24C79-1

Holiday recap on

Holiday recap on

I was lucky to win a drawing for 4 tickets to the Nashville Nutcracker. It has seriously been a dream of mine to go to the ballet for the Nutcracker and this year that dream came true! It was beautiful. Mallory fell asleep during my favorite part (the dance of the sugar plum ferry), but maybe we can go again one year when she is older.

JPEG image-1457F5BEC76E-1

Until next year, I’m shoving this little guy in a vase on the mantle and loving every day of NOT having to remember to move him. Not to mention cursing all the parents of her preschool friends who go “above and beyond” with elfin scenarios. Till next year Mr. Jinx.

Holiday recap on


Halloween week

What a great Halloween week this has been. My little one is at such a fun age for the holidays this year. She was BEYOND excited for Halloween and all that it entails. I really wish we would have done more, but there is always next year.

Halloween week on

I did manage to go all annoying Pinterest mom on her lunch for preschool that day. It really didn’t take that long to do, and she thought it was the ultimate.

Halloween lunch box idea

She is, of course, past the years of me getting to choose her halloween costume. But, I was happy that she picked something that we could make for her together. She wanted to be a tiger, so I went online and got her some orange pajamas. Then we got some black fabric paint for the stripes. I outlined the stripes and let her paint them all in. She was really proud of helping make her costume.

Halloween week on

I got lucky and found the paws and ears headband at T.J. Maxx for $8. Her tail was just a piece of felt that we painted and I sewed on, and I also sewed on her felt belly. I think it all turned out adorable and we really didn’t spend that much time or money on it all.

Trick-or-treating house

Note to self: next year, buy a smoke machine. This house they trick-or-treated was so cool. It also makes for epic halloween photos. Spooky!

Now on to the mad rush of the holiday season! Somebody pour me some wine…