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Raise your hand if you’re happy spring is finally almost kind of here. I know I am. This weekend, on the days it didn’t rain, we went to the lake for the first time this season. The water was a chilly 60˚, but the temperature was almost 80˚ which is a big win in my book. We did a little bit of fishing (not catching unfortunately) and broke out the new paddle board. I am SO in love with it. I have been wanting one for quite some time, but it never seemed like it would work out for us because of the size. In comes the inflatable paddle board. I was a little apprehensive about getting an inflatable one, thinking it would be light/flimsy/not sturdy. But they are remarkably rigid, easy to inflate and deflate and a blast to use. The one I settled on holds up to 400 lbs, so I can take out the dog or kiddo with me. We are going to be taking it on vacation this summer and I am so excited. You can pop a cooler on it to sit on and fish, layout, or just explore. So paddle boarding is definitely what I am and will be DOING here lately.



I am really enjoying READING “Afraid of all the things” by Scarlet Hiltibidal. It’s like this book was written by me, for me, about me. It is about all the things we can be scared of and how to use the gospel to squash those fears. It’s been a very enlightening read for me. If you were to look at my Goodreads account, you would see that I will by any book about anxiety – but this one is so far my favorite. I will be re-reading this again in the future.



I am LOVING diving into bible journaling. It something I have wanted to do but have never known how or where to start. In high school art classes and even while earning my art degree in college, my teachers and professors would always tell me I was too reluctant or timid with my artwork. I am one of those people that get a blank page and panic about how or where to start. I have a zillion journals and I NEVER write on the first page. But I finally just took the plunge and now it has become a daily thing for me. I just use a passage that has stood out to me that I hear during service or see on Pinterest. If you’ve ever wanted to – just start. Starting is the hardest part of anything for me.




Click bait

Is anyone else a victim of click bait? Is it just me? It makes me so mad, but if I don’t find out what that housewife did with a used paper towel tube and a half eaten turnip that is going to change the way I wash my car I am going to literally die. They even get me with those “you won’t believe what this D list celebrity looks like now”, or “number 7 will shock you”. Ok, I have yet to learn any new tricks or be shocked so you would think I would have learned my lesson.. am I right?


Tonight’s dinner was a pretty big hit. Budget friendly, meatless and super easy! The photo of the bread is before I neglected it in the oven and burnt it to a blackened crisp. I had the oven set to 400º, but I got impatient and set it to toast. Boy did it toast…



Meatless night!

I really like to throw a couple of meatless dinners into my weekly rotation. It good for us and for the environment. Although I’m not sure I could go completely vegetarian or vegan, I think throwing it in here and there is a good thing. Who knows, maybe one day we will take the full plunge.

Dinner Chalkboard on

I would like to think that my chalk lettering is getting better, but I’m not to proud at this point. :/ Perhaps I should invest in a book or check out some YouTube tuts? I also need to get my paws on a chalk pencil. I haven’t been able to find one local as of yet, so I may need to venture to the inter-webs…


Back to reality… ugh.

We were out of town on a blissful vacation last week with some of our best friends. I am definitely wishing that I was still there today when we awoke to no internet or cable. I’m pretty sure the 4 year old was madder than any of the rest of us. We should have likely had her make the service call. They would have maybe had us up and running before 5:30p. I haven’t downloaded and edited my vacation photos yet, but I’ve been sharing a few through Instagram that I had on my phone. Luck be it, I forgot to pack my battery charger for my DSLR camera but thankfully it waited to die on the last day.

Without further ado, here’s last night’s chalk menu:

Dinner Chalkboard on

Saw this idea in Real Simple Magazine this past month. It was a hit with the family, and an easy dinner for Mama to make. I served the loaded potatoes with steamed broccoli. My plate was so pretty that I had to snap a picture:

Baked potato bar on

I also ran across this very accurate image on Instagram today. Can I get an amen?



Pizza is my life

I had my yearly doctor appointment today and my blood work came back great. So, pizza it is. I have a feeling there will be more pizza in my future because I’m obviously doing something right! He did suggest I do a sleep study though. I crash in the middle of the day a lot. I’m not too excited to be hooked up and monitored, but if I can reclaim some energy it will be worth it.



Easy peasy

This is my go to dinner. Sometimes the meat is salmon if I can find a good piece, but tonight we did chicken. I do it all on the sheet pan at 425º – potatoes first for about 10 min and the chicken and veggies for about 12-15. Easy peasy.

Dinner Chalkboard on


I’ve also been working on putting together a bible/prayer journal. I used my vinyl machine to cut out one of my favorite worship song lyrics. I think it turned out nice. I’m considering putting it on a tea towel.


Prayer journal on


Trader Joe’s to the Rescue

I’m not sure there’s anyone alive that doesn’t love Trader Joe’s. If there is, I have yet to meet them. I love love their pre-marinated meats. They have quite a few and I am slowly making my way through them. Friday we had their bone-in lemon chicken on the grill. There are never any leftovers with that one. I bought two and put one in the freezer for later this coming week. A new one we tried tonight was a pot roast. It was peppery and flavorful. A big hit with the kid and the hubbs. I just threw some onion and carrots in the bottom of the crock pot, added the meat next, then dumped some baby potatoes on top. A splash of beef broth and we were golden.

Dinner Chalkboard on


Happy Hump Day

Not so happy over here. I made Pasta Primavera in my beloved Pampered Chef Deep Covered Baker. It is amazing. You make it in the microwave and it takes less than 20 minutes start to finish. Here’s the sad part. I fumbled with the lid and dropped it onto the bottom from what felt like an inch away. Crash. The side corner of the bottom busted out and I had to prop it at an angle to keep the rest of dinner from ending up on the counter. Meh…




Sunday Funday

I’m a day late, but here’s my Sunday menu board. We attempted grilled cedar plank salmon. It turned out amazing, we just miscalculated our timing. It takes longer than we had initially thought, even with thin filets.


Dinner Chalkboard on

Cedar plank salmon on

Tonight we are having chicken teriyaki bowls! Mean old hurricane Irma is heading our way here in Tennessee. I’m not excited for a night of heavy winds and rain, but it’s nothing compared to what Texas and Florida have had lately. Prayers go out to all those effected.


FullSizeRender 3


Happy Monday!


I feel like…

Tonights dinner menu is indicative of how I feel. I feel like a baked chicken. I cannot shake this cold! So, I’m not too proud of tonights attempt at chalk lettering, but at least I’m still in the game! Here’s hoping tomorrow will be better, or I should just start on a board that says “pizza delivery”. 🙂




P.S. I tried sharpening my chalk the other day in a sharpener? Yikes. Not sure I can stand to do that again. Scheeeeeech!!! Ugh. May need to look for a chalk pencil at the art store!